DIETZ Mobility UK

We are the exclusive UK distributor for the DIETZ Power range of SANGO powered wheelchairs

With over twenty years of working with powered wheelchairs, from basic adjustments and programming through to high end rehab solutions and alternative controls, our experience and knowledge is used to help support you to select the correct chassis, seating and powered options. ​

​We understand that every individual is different. That is why every powered wheelchair needs to be different too. There is a suitable DIETZ Power wheelchair for almost every type of user – for anyone of light and average build, as well as for heavier users and children too. The range can be adjusted to each individual user and to the environment that you will use the powered wheelchair in, right down to the very last detail. If off the shelf options are not enough then bespoke options can be manufactured to suit.

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Choosing a suitable electric wheelchair leg rest from these 7 options

There are many things to think about when choosing your electric wheelchair and which leg rest style and type you go for is an essential to ensure both comfort and manoeuvrability aren’t in any way compromised.

The main choice will be between a single centre mounted footplate or to have a single swingaway leg rest mounted on both left and right hand sides of the chair.

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5 important suggestions for correct maintenance of your electric wheelchair batteries

One of the key elements to making sure your electric wheelchair will perform as you need it to do is to make sure that the batteries are correctly maintained. However, this can be a little confusing as most electric wheelchair batteries are now ‘gel’ batteries and are described as ‘maintenance free’!!

In essence, they are indeed maintenance free and only need a good and regular recharging process to make sure they will last as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

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Top 10 spare parts you need to repair your electric wheelchair

With lots of options and accessories available on electric wheelchairs it inevitably means that there are a number of things that can either wear out or potentially have a fault during the lifetime of the chair.

For the majority of failures an engineer visit with replacement parts is a simple process to getting your chair up and running again. However, some issues, especially if they involve some of the powered components, can take a bit more investigating to get to the route of the problem. Thankfully most modern day joystick and powered components have built in fault alerts and can be diagnosed through software based on a PC or handheld device.

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How much is an electric wheelchair?

With so much choice available in the market, you may often try to find out how much an electric wheelchair costs. There are often so many variables that it is not always clear and easy to see why some chairs cost an amount and others are priced quite differently.

There are five main things to take into account when you are looking for a price of an electric wheelchair and these will hopefully give you more of an understanding as to why prices can vary from under £1000.00 all the way to £30,000.00 and more

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