SEGO junior seating system

Premium technology with comfort

One of the key challenges is ergonomic sitting and positioning. The seating system has a very wide range where fine settings and adjustments can be made for complete fitting. The SEGO system offers a wide range of seat and backrest options. There are not only various cushion sizes to choose from but also different finishing materials and foams.

The SEGO seating system also ensures that its seat is very comfortable and that it can be made to fit a smaller body precisely.



Anatomic Formed (Visco)

Seat board and thresholds

Thigh support upholstered small

Acrylic thigh support



Deep contour (Flex)

Deep contour vertical

Deep contour horizontal

Thoracic support

Folding backrest

Manual legrests

Centre mount legrest

Standard footrests with calf strap


Detachable armrests

PU 34 cm armpads

Upholstered 30 cm armpads


Metal bracket adjustable in height and depth

Metal bracket adjustable in height, depth and width

PU small cushion

Padded butterfly shape cushion

Padded flexible small cushion

Trays and accessories

Tray with joystick recess on the side

Raised edges

Lapbelt standard 1.90 m

Mirror on right / left hand side