Small electric wheelchairs: the basics

We try to make the process of choosing an electric wheelchair as easy as possible at Dietz, and there are a number of factors to take into account when considering how the right wheelchair can make life easier for the user. An example of how wheelchair technology can adapt for different situations is the use of small electric wheelchairs.

Typically, you would imagine these are strictly used by children, but that is not always the case. Whether it’s for maneouvrability at home or in the workplace, small, lightweight and slimline wheelchairs may be just the ticket for many users. Let’s dive into what’s special about these models and their potential pros and cons for users.

How small electric wheelchairs work

While in many ways  a small electric wheelchair functions highly similarly to a more standard size: a collection of motors powered by electric, rechargeable batteries, with joystick controls for movement for the user or carer. Dietz’s SANGO slimline reduced the width of the frame with minimal impact to the overall handling and stability of the chair.

The benefits of small electric wheelchairs

Aside from the part dimensions (every component on top of the base drive unit is identical to the main differences that make small or lightweight terms of what it can and can’t do, or rather, where it can and can’t go.


In some situations, smaller lightweight wheelchairs are more desirable for their manoeuvrability. The SANGO slimline model that we supply uses mid-wheel drive (MWD) that comes with a virtually tiny turning circle.

Since this is the space that allows a wheelchair to make a half or full turn, a small circle provides unrivalled freedom, convenience and accessibility to the user, whether it’s navigating sharp corners at home, narrow lifts on the way to the office, tight door openings and other tricky spots. At 41cm high, users find themselves much more able to move underneath tables and worktops.


Like the SANGO advanced, the slimline comes fitted with SEGO seats for supreme comfort, but it also has an equally long-range battery life. This sets the SANGO model apart from other products, as although small and lightweight electric wheelchairs are available across the market,  few if any others are yet to leverage 60Ah Super Cycle batteries for long-lasting wheelchair power.


Another advantage for some smaller electric wheelchairs is that they can be folded. Their compact design can let users remove the batteries and seat for fitting inside a car boot or van. Not all models permit this, but it can make a world of difference from those who need to travel around a lot and don’t want to feel limited by their use of an electric wheelchair.

Small electric wheelchairs for younger users

DIETZ Power has also developed a slimline version specially for young users. Juniors and young people weigh less and tend to be more slender, making standard wheelchairs insufficient to their support needs. For these young users, the SANGO slimline SEGO junior (up to 75 kg) may be just the ticket. Fitted with the SEGO junior seating system, the inclusion of narrow seats and backrests and other supports replicates the comfort of the SANGO advanced model.

If you’re still not sure whether a smaller wheelchair model is right for your needs, we are happy to offer guidance and support. Feel free to get in touch with us today to request further information, and one of our suppliers will get back to you with advice to help you in your decision.

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