Top 10 spare parts you need to repair your electric wheelchair

With lots of options and accessories available on electric wheelchairs it inevitably means that there are a number of things that can either wear out or potentially have a fault during the lifetime of the chair.

For the majority of failures an engineer visit with replacement parts is a simple process to getting your chair up and running again. However, some issues, especially if they involve some of the powered components, can take a bit more investigating to get to the route of the problem. Thankfully most modern day joystick and powered components have built in fault alerts and can be diagnosed through software based on a PC or handheld device.

Ultimately your supplier should have a skilled engineer and access to diagnostic equipment to make sure they can support you fully. In addition, they should have spare parts manuals with exploded diagrams to identify spare parts and components.

The top 10 spare parts you will most likely need are:

  1. Tyres for drive wheels and castors
  2. Armrest pads
  3. Seat cushion / cushion cover
  4.  Batteries
  5. Joystick cable
  6. Lights
  7. Motors
  8. Joystick
  9. Powered actuator
  10. Power module

I hope that this has given you a starting point towards understanding more about which spare parts you may need for your electric wheelchair and some of the things to consider before purchasing. Of course, there are many individual needs and factors that may also need to be thought about and discussed, so please feel free to get in touch here and one of our Product Specialists will contact you to answer any of your questions.

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