Where can I donate an electric wheelchair near me?

Have you recently upgraded your electric wheelchair and don’t know what to do with the old model? Or do you simply no longer need your equipment?

There are several options to either sell or donate electric wheelchairs you no longer need. As it turns out, there are plenty of organisations and social enterprises that find people in need of electric wheelchairs who don’t have the means to purchase one.

Before you start looking for ways to donate, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What to consider before donating

If you received your electric wheelchair from an NHS trust, it remains the property of the health service no matter how long you have been using it. That means you should not dispose of the equipment yourself. You need to return it to the NHS by contacting the department that supplied you with the equipment, to find out if you can return it. Be sure to ask them if they will collect, or if you have to return it yourself.

If you purchased your power wheelchair outright, then you are free to donate as and when you wish. However, most equipment will need to be assessed for the individual who will be using it. Electric wheelchairs are often built to specific sizes, modified to meet the user’s needs.

Donate to charities recycling electric wheelchairs

British Red Cross



The British Red Cross has its own Mobility Aids Service, and may be able to accept wheelchair donations. Email them using the above address for more information.

Disabled Equipment Sent Overseas (DESO)



DESO accepts mobility equipment donations and sends them to Ghana. Based in Canterbury, they do not currently offer collections.

Jacob’s Well Appeal

(East Yorkshire)

Jacob’s Well Appeal sends medical aid to communities around the world, particularly in Western Africa.




Limbcare accepts mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs donations for repurposing. Items must be in good condition, have keys and good batteries. They offer collection if necessary within a 50 mile radius of Camberley, Surrey. The collection point must be outside the London Congestion Zone.

Mid-Devon Mobility



Mid-Devon Mobility runs a ‘Recycle 2 Mobilise’ scheme  providing affordable mobility equipment, repairs and maintenance services for disabled individuals. You can call them 01884 242099 to arrange either a collection or a safe drop-off of your items.

Mobility Equipment Recycling Scheme



The Mobility Equipment Recycling Scheme recovers, recycles and reuses electric mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Donated equipment is restored and loaned out. For more information on how to donate, call their main office on 01925 240064.


(North Yorkshire)

PhysioNet happily accepts mobility equipment donations throughout mainland UK. for collecting equipment, the minimum number of donated items should be 20. Find out more by filling in the donation form via their website link.

Salvation Army



Salvation Army branches accept donations of second-hand wheelchairs. Get in touch with your local branch for more information.

Sylvia Lanka Foundation



Sylvia Lanka collects and sends essential health equipment to Sri Lanka, including usable disability equipment and any other medical equipment. Reach out through their website for more information.

Recycle Mobility Centre



Recycle Mobility Centre is based in Glasgow. They repair and refurbish used mobility equipment and find a new home for those who cannot afford to buy it new. They offer collections for some items. Contact them on: 07592581425

Wheels to Heal


Wheels to Heal provides disability solutions for households both across the UK and around the globe. You can enter information about the equipment you want to donate on their website donations page, along with available dates for collection. If the dates are unsuitable, contact their uplift services at uplift@wheelstoheal.org.uk.

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